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One of the first things your guests see when they arrive at your home is the driveway, followed by the sidewalk to your front door. And believe it or not, most people usually notice the condition of it since they'll be looking right at it as they walk. Driveway Cleaning is the easiest and most cost effective way to make your house pop out from your neighbors.

Pressure Washing your Concrete can take forever and leave streaks with the usual store bought Pressure Washer. We use Professional grade machines and surface cleaners to wash your Driveway. Surface Cleaners don't leave those black streaks on your concrete.

With our commercial grade machines and our industrial cleaners we can easily remove rust stains from you Concrete. never use high pressure to remove them, you can damage or pit your concrete.

Pressure Washing Tips. Never seal your driveway or sidewalk without pressure washing it first, you'll lock in dirt and oil.

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We were established in the spring of 2009 and we are insured and highly rated by the BBB and Angie's List. We are the largest pressure washing service in the area covering all of Lexington and surrounding counties and we also are in the Louisville area covering all counties surrounding Louisville. We have a team of 8 professionals working full time.

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