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How to clean your concrete

Cleaning your concrete is the best way to impress your neighbors. There's nothing like great curb appeal.

How to clean concrete

Cleaning concrete around your house is the easiest way to make your property pop. The best way is using a commercial pressure washer. If you don’t have one you can go to your local rent all equipment store and rent it for around $50. For oil stains you can use a degreaser to start with. Poor it on the oil and scrub it in with a broom and let it soak. Then power wash it off. This will get rid of the oils on top of the concrete and expose the pores of the concrete. Once you have done that then it’s time to break out the muriatic acid. Poor it on the concrete and use a squidgy and push it around evenly and let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes, you may need to brushed it in. Now power wash the area. That should take care of removing the oil stain.
Dirt and grim is the easiest. Take some dish soap and water and agitate it into the concrete. Get you a commercial grade pressure washer and power wash the concrete and that should clean it up for you. Some home cleaners that work well.

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Ammonia
  • TSP
  • Dawn dish soap

Written by Mike Inman


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