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How to seal your concrete

How to seal concrete

Sealing concrete is the best way to make your concrete last. Sealing your concrete fills in the pores of the concrete with sealant to prevent dirt and grim from going deep in the concrete and staining it. First off make sure your concrete is clean. See my “How to clean concrete” page for more instructions.

Once it’s clean and dry it’s time to seal it. I personally like the eagle brand sealer. I've been applying it for years and have no complaints.

Start off by taking one section of the concrete at a time. Sidewalks and driveways have relief breaks every so often. Take one of these areas and apply the sealer with an 18 inch roller rolling in one direction. Make one pass and then make the next pass next to the first pass. Then take the roller and go across the first two passes in the opposite direction. This will spread the sealer evenly not leaving stripes in the sealer. Keep repeating this throughout the rest of the concrete.

That’s it concrete looks great.

Written by Mike Inman


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