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How to clean a roof How to clean a roof How to clean a roof

How to clean a roof

Cleaning any type of roof requires experience and the use of proper equipment accompanied by professional grade cleaners that are formulated to remove debris without causing damage your roof. And one of the most common roof systems that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis is the shingle roof. It may surprise you to know how many roofs get replaced each year based on the looks of the shingles and all that was required was a good cleaning.

The main cause behind this is roofing contractors would rather tell a potential client that their roof needs replacing instead of telling them that the roof just needs cleaning. The fact that home owners are reluctant when it comes to spending money on cleaning shingles if there is no guarantee that the roof will look and perform like new afterward.

Soft Washing Roofs:

Cleaning shingle roofs can cause all sorts of problems for home owners if done improperly. When cleaning a roof, you do not use high pressure to remove black streaks caused by algae. You instead use very low pressure called soft washing and in some cases, no pressure cleaning is the correct method. Choosing which technique is where experience comes in. You have to know how to look at a roof and determine which method suits the situation best in order to avoid causing damage to the shingles.

Cleaning Solutions:

If you plan to tackle a project like this yourself, make sure you use extreme caution and select the proper roof cleaning solution so the roof comes clean without the need for high pressure. Contact a pro like Pro Wash for a free soft washing estimate.

Written by Mike Inman


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