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How to wash a house. How to wash a house.

How to wash a house

Cleaning vinyl siding can be a huge chore always consider hiring a professional. Cleaning vinyl siding requires a lot of time and patience. First off you need to purchase a pressure washer keeping the most water flow in mind. Try to get one with the most water flow; high pressure is not an issue. Now there is a lot of different types of cleaners you can use. You can visit your local lowes or home depot to find your cleaners. Now spray on your cleaner on one side of the house and let it sit. Don’t spray on more than you can handle at once and don’t let the soap dry. Now start pressure washing the soap, dirt and algae off not holding the pressure washing tip so close, this can cause a lot of damage.

Now we could continue on about how cleaning vinyl siding is done, but by making sure you know and have the proper equipment and cleaners is most of the battle. You may also want to consider hiring a contractor to do the work for you. So if you live near Lexington ky, make it easy and contact Pro Wash to get a free estimate.

For the professional

Cleaning vinyl siding can be very difficult without the proper knowledge and equipment. Climbing on ladders can be very dangerous. The best way to clean vinyl siding is from the ground. To do this you will need a large amount of water flow, a minimum of 4 GPM but 8 GPM is recommended. With the 4 GPM machine its difficult to wash the houses larger than one story. You will also need several different types of tips. You need a low pressure zero degree tip. You will also need a low pressure 45 degree tip. The orifice size depends on how much water flow you have.

Now that you have an 8 GPM machine you need the proper hoses and chemical tanks. I recommend 200 feet of 3/8 non-marking 1 wire hose. 1 wire gives the flexibility for maneuvering the hose around the customers landscaping. The non-marking does not leave black streaks on the customer’s concrete. 200 feet of hose is plenty in most cases. I always carry a couple of extra 100 foot hoses for the larger estates. You will need two chemical tanks, we use 25 gallon tanks.

OK now that you have all of the equipment you need to add the chemicals. There is a lot of cleaners out there that claim to be the best for cleaning vinyl siding. Every company has its own secrets and won’t give any information on what they use to clean their customers vinyl siding with. Well, we use our own mixture of cleaners that we have perfected over the years. We can wash a 2000 sqft house in about an hour; this saves our customers money on labor time. Our cleaners mix by themselves; we keep them separated for longevity. One is at 800 to 1 ratio and the other is at about 250 to 1. These ratios depend on what kind of soap you use.

The techniques for cleaning vinyl siding has to come with experience. I can’t give you experience from here so go get your equipment and customers and figure out what chemicals you need. I wish you the best and I hope this little bit of advice helps you.

Written by Mike Inman


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